Local DNS Resolution for EKS with private endpoint

If you are setting up a Kubernetes cluster on AWS then you would probably want a cluster that is not accessible to the world. You do that by toggling off public access while creating the cluster, however a problem with that is the DNS Resolution for EKS with private endpoint. The only problem with this […]

What is Kubernetes – simple Introduction

Kubernetes definition Kubernetes is an open source system for managing containerized applications and provides mechanisms to deploy, maintain and scale them accross multiple hosts spread accross on premise and cloud. It is more than a container orchestration platform because it also takes care of managing the compute, network and storage infrastructure What problems does Kubernetes […]

Docker container – easy to understand introduction

what is a Docker container? Docker Container is a software product that bundles up an application and all its dependencies into a single software unit. This software unit performs OS level virtualization, that is, it presents an isolated environment on top of an operating system. This isolated environment shares the kernel of the operating system […]

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