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Amazon SageMaker Algorithms

In this post we will look at an overview of the Amazon SageMaker algorithms including a brief summary of the algorithm and their use cases. We will provide links to the algorithms and their examples. This post is a good starting point if you want to get a rundown of the algorithms without worrying about […]

Amazon DynamoDB

DynamoDB Basics DynamoDB Overview DynamoDb is an AWS managed NoSQL database. It offers the following: Encryption at rest Scale throughput without downtime On demand backup and point in time recovery Data stored in SSD and replicated accross multiple AZs. DynamoDB Components table –> items –> attributes DynamoDB tables table is a collection of data items. […]

AWS VPC Tutorial – Part II subnets

In this AWS VPC tutorial, we will look at how to create the VPC, public and private subnets, route table, and an internet gateway. AWS VPC Tutorial – Recap In the previous tutorial we saw an introduction to Amazon VPC and also looked at the key concepts in VPC. Here’s the diagram of what we […]

Aws solution architect associate certification tips

I cleared the AWS Solution Architect Associate Certification today and it was very interesting. I have been using AWS for around 6 months now and the experience has been great. Here are some tips for the certification: AWS FAQ Go through the following FAQ: EC2 FAQ|RDS FAQ |Route53 FAQ| S3 FAQ |VPC FAQ| SQS FAQ […]

AWS VPC Tutorial Part III Elastic IP and NAT

In this AWS VPC Tutorial, we will learn how to create an Elastic IP address, a NAT Gateway, and accessing the internet from private subnet using the NAT gateway. This is the third in the 3-series tutorial, the first tutorial introduced the key concepts and tutorial problem and the second tutorial looked at creating VPC, […]

AWS VPC Tutorial – Part I Introduction

In this AWS VPC tutorial, we will learn how to create a VPC; create public and private subnets that cover Multiple Availability zone; create CIDR blocks for each subnet; add Internet Gateways and NAT Gateways, and modify route table. AWS VPC Tutorial – Introduction to Concepts What is AWS VPC Amazon VPC is your own […]

Amazon AWS VPC Introduction and Features

In this AWS VPC tutorial, we will see an introduction to AWS VPC. We will also look at some of the key features of Amazon VPC. What is AWS VPC? AWS VPC or Virtual Private Cloud is an Amazon service that allows you to create you own virtual network inside Amazon cloud and to use […]

Amazon S3 Bucket – Creation, Lifecycle, Version, Access

What is Amazon S3 bucket Amazon S3 bucket (Simple Storage Service) is a storage service from Amazon where you can store and retrieve objects in the cloud using a web service. The web service operation can trigger functions such as lambda. A typical use case is where you store an image in the S3 bucket […]

Create AWS EC2 instance using CLI

In the previous tutorial we saw how to create AWS EC2 instance using the console. In this tutorial, we will learn how to create AWS EC2 instance using the CLI (Command Line Interface). create AWS EC2 instance using CLI What is Amazon CLI Amazon CLI stands for Amazon Client Line Interface. It is a command […]

Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) – Creating an Instance

This tutorial walks through the steps of creating an Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) instance. We will create a unix instance that is available in the free tier. If you are new to Amazon EC2, please check this introduction article. Steps to create an Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) instance. Step 0 : EC2 Launch […]

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