Java Google Json (Gson) Exclusion Strategy

In this tutorial we look at how to selectively include fields from a java object to a json string. By default, Gson tries to map all fields in the java object to the corresponding property in json. However, in certain cases we may want to control that. There are a few ways to do this. It is also possible to excluse fields from third party packages where we have no access to the source code. The different ways to exclude fields are :

  1. By defining a custom annotation and ignoring fields that are annotated with that.
  2. By Defining a custom exclusion class by extending the ExclusionStrategy interface and implementing the public boolean shouldSkipField(FieldAttributes f); and public boolean shouldSkipClass(Class clazz); methods
  3. By using the @Expose annotations and then using the excludeFieldsWithoutExposeAnnotation() method on the GsonBuilder. This will ignore all fields except the ones that have been exposed using the @Expose annotation.

The example below demonstrates all three

The Cat class

The Exclusion Strategy

Java Google Json (Gson) Exclusion Strategy

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