Woodstox : Validate XML generated by Woodstox


In this article we shall perform validation of generated XML by
. This demonstrates Woodstox’ validation capabilities while generating XML output.

Create employee.dtd as shown below.

It defines the employee element that contains id, name and salary sub-elements.

Create TestValidationXmlStreamWriter as shown below.

Create a valid XML as per the DTD as shown in ‘validateSuccess’ method (see lines 15-52 below).

When this valid XML is validated against the schema (see line 29 below), no error is thrown.

Create an invalid XML as shown in ‘validateFailure’ method (see lines 54-92 below).

Note that an invalid element ‘title’ is created in the XML (see lines 78-80 below).

When this invalid XML is validated against the schema then an exception is thrown.

The output of the program demonstrating validation success and failure scenarios is shown below:

Download Source Code for this Program

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